Ready for Metakitchen?

“And now for something completely different…” Except, in this case, it’s not completely different.

Metakitchen LogoMetasip is certainly a fun site to work on, and it’s been a real blast building community around this concept – which we’ve described to stakeholders as “like Yelp, but for alcohol.” And we’re not going anywhere for awhile: we’re still building a network of bloggers and reviewers and even just people who will tag us on Instagram when they drink something. That’s fun. But it’s the starting line, and this is more like the decathlon to us. So we’re talking about a brand extension and we’re asking you, gentle reader: are you ready for Metakitchen?

What we’ve learned so far – both leading up to this week and after the site went live on Wednesday – is that there’s a need for the independent food and wine blogger to have access to brands. Not just the big brands, but the up-and-comers as well. (In fact, MORESO for the up-and-comers.)

We’ve seen it in the beer, wine, and spirits world, and, for example, this week’s meme about the Top 20 US Beers by sales volume really got us wondering. Not because we’re wondering what’s wrong with America, but because we want to help brands 21 through 21,000. (To quote one of my mantras for the year: “Chef don’t judge.” I believe that’s from Chef Boyardee.)

For now, here’s what you need to know: Metakitchen is a hub for food and beverage bloggers, you can connect with us on Facebook, and we’re happy to have dialogue with you – here at Metasip or over at Metakitchen – about how we can help you.

Ready for Metakitchen?

Thought so. Glad to have you aboard.



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