Charles Shaw 2013 Shiraz

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Inevitable Trader Joe’s Tasting…

Charles Shaw 2013 Shiraz

You knew this day was coming, right? The famous – or infamous – “Three Buck Chuck.” (I don’t think ANYWHERE sells it for $2.00, so we’re sticking with that name, not “Two Buck Chuck.”) If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, you’ve seen this brand of wine over along the wall and you’ve likely thought…”Really?” In this case, the Charles Shaw 2013 Shiraz is up for review, and, well…”Really?”

A few things before we get to the review itself: yes, we think in terms of overall score – Taste, Profile, Value – when coming up with our grades. No, we don’t grade on a curve. Yes, you might take issue with what appears to be a relatively low grade for this wine (at least in comparison to other similarly inexpensive vinos, e.g. Oak Leaf Merlot from Walmart).

Watch the video above, or read the review below. And let us know what you think in the comments.

Charles Shaw 2013 Shiraz Review

This likely falls into the “expectations” category for me – in that my expectations clouded my review. I was expecting cheap wine. And I got, well, cheap wine.


It did not taste bad – earthy, peppery, fruit-forward. But it did not taste expensive.


Shiraz from California, it says “Napa & Sonoma” on the bottle. 2013. ABV of 12.5%.


$2.97. A fine everyday table wine, but not sure that it’s worth much more than that.

Metasip Grade: B

This didn’t ace any one category – you could do a lot worse in the $3 category. But you can also do a lot better – see Walmart – and thus we can only grant Chuck a grade of B.

Charles Shaw 2013 Shiraz
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  • Charles Shaw 2013 Shiraz
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  • Last modified: October 24, 2014

Review Summary:

It's average, but above-average enough to not get a C, because that would be incredibly average. For $3 and an everyday drinking wine, not a bad investment.


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