Grate Red Toscana Rosso

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We should be working for Aldi. Yet another sub-$5 wine, this one a red that you can drink everyday.

Grate Red Toscana Rosso“Product of Italy.” That should tell us a little something about this wine.

But it doesn’t tell us enough – Chianti? Montepulciano? Something else? A blend?

Aldi Strikes Again with an Everyday Red – Grate Red Toscana Rosso

In this particular case, the red wine from Aldi is NOT going to be something you save for that special occasion. In the “everyday wine” category, however, this shines – with the goal (at least for me) of having something that can stand up for a couple days in the bottle, and won’t make you feel insanely guilty if you have to pour the remainder out.

Grate Red Toscana Rosso Review

This is a non-vintage red. (No year.) It IS from Italy, and, if you look in the lower left corner of the photo up there, you’ll see all officially Italian markings on the cork. Adding to the cool factor.


Can’t pin this down – not a ton of fruit, actually, but the nose is strong and there’s a bit of pepper on the finish. THIS has to be why they say “An Italian wine perfect for anything grilled.”

We had it, night one, with pizza and that was a-okay. (Even if the pizza did not come right off the Weber.)


Red wine from Italy. ABV 12.5%. If you know the grapes at work here, let us know. Seriously.


Again, where the above-average wine becomes worthy of the grade you’ll see below. Does this stand up to $30 bottles of Cab (like the Simi we reviewed this week)? No.

Is it an absolute steal at $4.99 at our local Aldi? Yes.

Metasip Grade: B+

Grate Red Toscana Rosso
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  • Grate Red Toscana Rosso
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  • Last modified: May 17, 2014

Review Summary:

For the price, you can't really beat it. Aldi knows what they're doing - even at the $5 and under level. We found this to be a steal at $4.99.


  1. John Enrici says:

    I might check it all these they didn’t have grate red.
    Can you get them to get it in.

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