Lil Koala Shiraz

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Lil Koala ShirazIn the interest of (1) causing a stir, (2) going out on a limb and (3) getting mondo traffic to this site from the Aldi Shopper/Value Hunter/Inexpensive Imbiber crowd, I would like to make the following statement:

Lil Koala Shiraz is the best value in wine today. Better than Charles Shaw. Better than any other house brand. You should check it out. Seriously.

Hyperbole aside, this is darn good. I could ask for a couple things – like a year, and maybe a bottle that doesn’t look like – and remind me of – Yellow Tail.

Other than that, let’s break it down. To the review, mate!

Lil Koala Shiraz Review


Plum, blackberry, black cherry on the nose. Fruit forward. Maybe a little black pepper, too – so there’s a kick and it’s not overly fruity. (Bottle identifies it as “semi-dry” and that’s a fair assessment.)

We had it with Mediterranean Chicken, and it complemented the meal extremely well. I can’t get over it – it could be that my expectations were low because, again, I was reminded of Yellow Tail. Oh, and the price – see more on that below.

But this is a “can I have another glass?” wine.


100% Shiraz, though undated. 14.1% ABV. Semi-dry and “Full-bodied” (according to the bottle’s little slider meter thingy).


By the beard of Zeus – we got this for $2.98!

Okay, so it’s not going to drink like it’s $20 a bottle – but, and I welcome your comments here – this wine stands up to $12-$15 Shirazes.

(Plus, with what seems like a dearth of Australian wine at places like Costco, as we didn’t find ANY on a recent trip, this is worth snatching up.)

Metasip Grade: B+

We just gave a $3 bottle of wine from Aldi a B+. Yes, yes we did.

Note that on a recent Aldi trip, this wine had gone up in price to $4.79. Still, people – at $5, if it drinks like $15, can you see why we think this is the best wine value out there now?



  1. I bought this wine last week, drank 3/4 of a bottle. Enjoyed it and amazing no headache the next day. I was leery because of the price but to my astonishment it was a good bottle of wine. Nice on the palate and not acidic at all. I will buy it again. Paid $4.99 at Aldi in Orland Park.

  2. Funny, but I opened up my first bottle of Lil Koala shiraz and thought the same thing. About as good as a $10 bottle and I paid $4.89 for mine at Aldi. Reasonably well-balanced, fruit and totally drinkable with a meal!

    • Dave Van de Walle says:

      Value, baby!

      Thanks for the comment…keep looking for those steals (at Aldi, or wherever else).

  3. BeLinda Sedberry says:

    Not a wine snob at all but I do appreciate a really good bottle now and again. With that said, I have tried and really like the Lil Koala Shiraz which I bought at Aldi as well. Glad to see you are giving it a thumbs up!

    • Dave Van de Walle says:

      This might be the most popular wine we’ve ever reviewed. Glad you liked it, too…

      Funny, if you don’t look at the price and hide the label, quality is quality. And this one is.

  4. Ok ,damn you whine freaks just annoy the hell out of me. A bottle of strawberry hill tastes better than this crap or $100 bottle. Strawberry hill tastes just like it says on the label. Strawberries and chemicals. And on subject of labels ,you are worried about a date and proof. Strawberry hill date is usually two days before you bought it. Alc % strong enough to buzz you up and summon local law enforcement. Now I don’t even know why you keep talking about on your nose. Why are you putting wine on your nose? Drink it ,it works better than slow skin absorption. If you really mean the way it smells ,well for fuck sakes just say it smells like alcoholic beverage and drink it ,damn! I bet you don’t smell shot of tequila or jeigermeister ,so why you dropping boogers in the wine? How the fuck do you people taste things that aren’t there? “Oh this wine tastes nutty” what? Its a grape not nuts. And how do you know how my nuts taste anyway. Who puts black pepper on peanut butter and jelly sandwich? The description you gave is fucked,my first thought was middle school lunch pb&j with black pepper and fat old lunch lady hairs in it. That is what you waste time describing to people. Now if you want real wine the way god intended buy or order a bottle of Duplin County wine. No fancy name just location in N.C its grapes are grown. The wine tastes just like the grapes it was made from. Not my nuts ,black pepper or blueberries . It doesn’t make you think of hair covered goober grape elementary school sandwich. My rant is over get Dublin County wine. Alex Eason

    • Dave Van de Walle says:

      Thanks for the…uh…spirited comment!

      Seriously, though, you point out that each person’s tastes are different, and we should all embrace that. (I think that’s what you were telling us.)


  5. Rob Olson says:

    I am always looking for a good wine value and often try wines from Australia. I have bought Lil Koala shiraz many times and It’s one of my favorites. I call it the perfect everyday wine.

    • Dave Van de Walle says:

      It must be good stuff, Rob…it remains one of the most popular posts in our history. People keep coming back.

      Yeah, I liked it, too.

      And thanks for stopping by to comment!

  6. Sandra Singer says:

    I really feel good about buying this wine after I read the comments.I got cold feet about serving this to my girl friends and ran out and purchested another brand. Now I can’t wait to see what they say.Thanks

  7. Joe ANgelotti says:

    So we live in NJ.
    The closest Aldi that we can buy wine in is Burlington VT.
    People say to Denise & I; “but with 2 hours + 20 minutes to get there doesn’t that negate the value”?
    These wines (Lil’ Koala) being one are so much fun, that it has become more then just dollar value.
    Like going on a treasure hunt, we never know what the haul will yield?
    Have not been let down very often.
    Intermingle, Walker Red 2007, & Toca Diamonte are three duds that come to mind but..
    Would not trade our trips for anything.
    Am sad however that Aldi now no longer has the price listed on their site for each bottle. :0(
    They use to only be cash or debit so having this info upfront was nice.

  8. Richard hein says:

    I believe the LIL KOALA editions of shiraz and chardonnay are the best of the under $15 wine category. Unfortunately, ALDI here in the Dallas/Ft Worth area has informed me they no longer stock it due to “lack of demand”. I find this difficult to believe since it seemed to disappear soon after arrival. If anyone knows where it can be purchased elsewhere in the DFW area, please let me know.

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