Sample Policy

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We’d absolutely, positively love to review your wine, beer, or spirits. So that means that we DO ACCEPT SAMPLES.

So yes, you can send us your stuff. And we’ll try it. First, though, a couple caveats – since we want to be as up front and transparent as possible.

  1. Sending us your sample does not guarantee a positive review. (This goes the same for site sponsorship – we’re not going to let you buy our favor.)
  2. Sending us your sample is at your own risk – we’ll get you all of the information you need to ensure that it gets into our capable hands, but your doing so doesn’t mean that we’ll like it. We have to actually get it in order to like it.
  3. AND, sending us your stuff doesn’t HAVE to include the actual alcohol. Maybe you’ve got everything you need – label images, marketing materials, photos of your cool bottle – but you don’t ACTUALLY have the stuff ready yet. No worries – instructions for that follow below.

Here goes:

First of all, try to focus on approachability. This means that we are less likely to review Dom Perignon because people aren’t customarily springing for $100 bottles.

Of course, if you have an emerging brand or your distribution is limited somewhat, that’s okay. We’d love to help make you a household name.

That being said, value is important, too. It’s okay to have something you’d splurge on – everyone’s definition of value is a little different.

We need to coordinate how you get the stuff to us and when – so we’ll be sure to work on that with your team. NOTE: keep this in mind if you’re planning on sending a bottle of wine in the middle of the summer. Also, it’s not a bad idea to start talking to us NOW about what you want the masses to be talking about LATER.

Get In Touch and Let’s Sip!

If you make or represent a beverage or beverage company, send an email to us – sample [at] metasip [dot] co – that will start this process.

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