After Three Sips of This Beer, I Read the Label…and What I Found Shocked Me!

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Another beverage knock-off from our friends at Aldi. But this one…

Boot Tread Amber AleWe’re back with another review of another beer – but we’re also having a little fun with this fact: Writing ridiculous headlines that ask people to click on a post can only work if you (1) have something interesting to say and (b) use too much hyperbole. So, while the real headline here should be something like “An Aldi Beer that’s 11 (or so) Ounces” or, more accurately, “Boot Tread Amber Ale Review,” we went with what’s called a “BuzzFeed-style Clickbait Headline.” Reality: After Three Sips of This Beer, I Read the Label…And What I Found Shocked Me!

Consider yourself an SEO test case. We’re gonna see how well this works.

Boot Tread Beer Review

Honestly, I picked this up because I was at Aldi and it was a “Belgium Amber Ale.” And it had a very “where have I seen that label before?” look to the bottle. (Hint: Fat Tire.) And the price was good – or so I thought! – leading me to say “what the heck?”


Closer to Blue Moon in taste – an assistant Metasip taster said “that is like Blue Moon, but hoppier” – I found it to be rather average, actually. Not even close to Fat Tire: too much of a wheat beer feel for me.


Again, wheat. If I had to guess, I’d put the IBUs at about 10 or 15.


Here’s where the “scandal” comes in:

11 point 2


Math: $6.49 for a 6-pack, 11.2 ounces per bottle, equals roughly 9.657 cents per ounce. OR, if this were a 12-ounce bottle, we’d actually be looking at $6.95 for a 6-pack.

Since Fat Tire is normally about $8.99 a six-pack, this is a value in comparison. (If you’re comparing to Blue Moon – price of that vs. Fat Tire is pretty much a wash.)

Why 11.2 ounces? No idea.

Metasip Grade: B

I wasn’t wowed by this beer, and found it too close to Blue Moon and not close enough to Fat Tire to fit into a nice, clean category. Were it a direct knock-off, like the last Aldi beer we reviewed, it would get a higher grade. But no.

After Three Sips I Read the Label…

Okay, what I found didn’t actually shock me, but it did have me question why there’s .8 ounces less per bottle than the norm.

Boot Tread Amber Ale
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  • Boot Tread Amber Ale
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  • Last modified: April 18, 2015

Review Summary:

Not one of the best we've ever had, not one of the worst either. Let's go with average, but above-average enough for a B grade.


  1. its 11.2 oz because it’s brewed in Belgium and therefore uses the metric system… It’s a 33cl bottle (1/3 of a liter) which translates to 11.2 oz

    • Dave Van de Walle says:

      DUH! My bad, Thomas. Thanks for the comment; you’d think that I, a half-Belgian, would understand these nuances.

      I’ll do better next time.

  2. If any of you were wondering why the bottles are 11.2 ounces it is because that is one-third of a liter.

  3. I guess I should have looked at the comments already posted. Somebody else has already made the 11.2 ounce thing perfectly clear. No redundancy needed there.

  4. Andrew Henderson5 says5:

    I’ve read several bad reviews about this beer, and so I felt it was necessary to leave a comment of my own. This is a pretty good beer for the price. If you like bitter, amber beers its fine. I wish it was 5.99 because it’s not a 12 ounce bottle, and it’s 5% alcohol. That’s my only hang up though. I think it’s a delicious beer.

  5. Lordoblivion says:

    Uh…picked up at local ALDI store..thought I’d give it a try and now I’m in my third six pack so I must like it…mostly I like beer and I like boots so what else am I suppose to do?

  6. Much Dutch says:

    This my first six pack and I think it’s pretty good for $6.00. Not as good as some of the microbrews out there, but much better than most. I’ll be buying this again as an addition to the multiple types of beers that I keep around the house.

  7. Bonnie Smith says:

    I find this beer to be very similar to Negra Modelo, which is my favorite. It’s actually close enough to substitute for NM from here out. Delicious!!

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